Technology Used:

Ruby, Rails, Angular.js, PostgreSQL, HTML5, CSS3

This was our final week group project done at DBC. Four of us created a decoupled app using Angular for the front end and Rails as an API for the back end. Our goal was to connect volunteers with charities in the San Francisco area.


  • Volunteers can search for volunteer opportunities by category or by a key word search.
  • Charities can list events with all the pertinent details.

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Marisa's Pieces

Technology Used:

Backbone.js, HTML5, CSS3

This project's assignment, done in phase 3 at DBC, was to choose a new technology, and in about 4 days, learn it and create a project with it. I chose to learn Backbone.js, which we then had to create a 10-minute screencast explaining our project and code. This is a simple gallery displaying some of my glass pieces and descriptions.

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Connect Four

Technology Used:

Javascript, HTML5, CSS3

We were given 2 days to do this group project, in which we used Javascript to recreate the classic Connect Four game. It detects wins both horizontally and vertically, and originally had a timer counting down time remaining to take a turn.

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Larken Farms Orchard

Technology Used:

Ruby on Rails, Paperclip gem, ActiveMailer, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3

This is a completed site for a client who has a peach orchard in Waxahachie, TX, and sells to both major grocery stores and the general public. Since they grow more than just peaches, I made a produce "catalogue" under "In Season Now," where the admin can upload photos and descriptions of produce in season at the moment. The main focus of this project was making it easy for the admin to change and update things on their own, which was a helpful learning experience for me. Other functions are listed below:

    Admin functions:

  • upload photos and captions to the photo gallery
  • upload produce that's In Season Now along with an image and description
  • post updates on the home page with the date of post updated automatically / update hours in the "Hours" box
  • view list of other admins, update passwords, add admins

  • Users:

  • can see a "catalogue" of produce that is in season now
  • can see a mapped location of the orchard and click to get directions.
  • can submit questions via the contact form
  • can subscribe to the company's mailing list

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Stephen's Tutoring Services

Technology Used:

Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3

This is a site I did for my brother, who has been tutoring high school students before he goes off to medical school. Students can sign up, edit their profile, and book a session. Users can also leave feedback, read about Stephen, and see what courses he tutors. As an admin, Stephen can see a list of all students and their email addresses, making it easy for him to contact one or all of them.

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