A few fun facts

  • I went to the same high school as Melinda Gates, Ursuline Academy, in the first "class of technology," where we used Toshiba laptops as heavy as bricks!
  • I collect and sell U.S.-made antique art glass
  • I performed in the only collegiate circus at FSU, where I did Spanish web and Flying trapeze
  • I have a strange love for office supplies... and organizing everything
  • I used to want to be a whale trainer...my AIM name was ScubaBarbie
  • I live for my 2 adorable pomeranians: Poppy and Chloe
  • I used to work out 4 hours a night as a competitive gymnast... and I had a 6-pack
  • I have a new addiction to boxing classes

A Summary

.....why I decided to go into web development

Inspired by my younger brother, a senior software engineer at Instacart, I left the healthcare industry to pursue software development. Speaking with him, the career seemed to have it all – critical thinking, problem solving, lifelong learning, and more. Seeing his growth, from creating an online tutoring service at age 16 to achieving his dream of working for a promising start-up, I wanted to learn what he knew, how computers work, and how to build things!

Managing a pain office for the past 5 years, I did everything from counseling patients to transcription to assisting with surgical procedures. With each phone call presenting a problem from a patient, I definitely learned quick problem solving and communication skills. I had to stay organized while coordinating the doctor’s schedule, supply orders, prescription management, ordering various scans, dealing with insurance claims, and more. I am efficient, multi-tasking, and quick to anticipate people’s needs. All of the characteristics I needed for that job not only made me a more well-rounded person, but also left me desiring more of a challenge.